Today, Wednesday, March 14, 2018, at 10:00 am, across the country there was an #ENOUGH National School Walkout, held for 17 minutes commemorate the 17 victims in Parkland, Florida who lost their lives.

The resources will aid you in leading discussions with your students about their concerns, thoughts and emotions about the Parkland tragedy.

Elementary Grades

  • Nine Tips for Talking to Kids about Trauma offers suggestions for responding to kids’ questions after a violent tragedy, specifically the Paris terror attack of 2015, but tips are transferable to other events, by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley

Middle and High School Grades

  • After School Shooting, Students Take the Lead focuses on an activity in which participants hear the voices of the Parkland students, and consider the variety of ways they are trying to make change, by the Morningside Center for Social Responsibility
  • Contracting provides classroom norms and a process for engaging in open discussion that helps support creating a reflective community in the classroom, by Facing History
  • Resiliency After Violence offers ideas for supporting and strengthening family and school communities, by the Harvard University Graduate School of Education
  • Student Activism and Gun Control discusses how educators can respond to student activism surrounding the Gun Control Debate, by the Harvard University Graduate School of Education
  • Where Does Violence Come From? helps students to identify causes of violence, the link between anger and violence, and the motivation to manage anger nonviolently, by Advocates for Youth