As your older readers tackle harder, higher level books, it is important to make sure that they understand what they are reading. At earlier reading levels, students are learning to read – but at higher levels, they are reading to learn.  We have listed 8 different strategies below that can help you to challenge your readers, help them engage with the text and get them thinking more deeply about the story and its meaning.

I wonder…

Ask questions to help you think more deeply about the story.


Stop reading and think about what might come next.


Think more deeply about the meaning of what you are reading.

Make Connections

Use your own personal experiences to better understand the story.

Self Monitor

Stop and think to make sure that you understand what you are reading.

How Does the Character Feel?

Think about how each character is feeling and how their feelings change throughout the story.


Wrap up your thinking and remember the important parts of the story.

Create a Mental Picture

Make a picture in your mind of what the words of the story are saying.