Book Companion Reader:
Biscuit Plays Ball
by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

In this book companion reader for the book Biscuit Plays Ball by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, you will find the following fun activities for your young readers to explore and complete:

• Comprehension questions and true/false
• Making a prediction
• Word search
• Class survey based on a theme from the book
• Fill in the blank
• Write your own sentence
• Story map – characters, setting, solution, problem
• In the book, the kids first play with a kickball and then a wiffle ball. Write and draw about other types of balls.
• Sight word hunt
• Character map
• Build a word
• Create your own book cover
• Word scramble
• Word wall
• Answer key
• Packet includes writing lines for additional handwriting practice and exposes
students to different fonts

Explore the book Biscuit Plays Ball together with your students using this fun resource. You can also use a student’s answers to assess comprehension of the book. Use this resource to lead a classroom discussion, small-group sessions or as independent work or homework for those students that are ready. This would also make an excellent summer homework assignment.

Download a preview of this eduprintable here:

thumbnail of Biscuit Plays Ball pay version preview revsecured

Biscuit Plays Ball – Book Companion Reader, Preview

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