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Martin Luther King, Jr., Early Reader Mini-Book

This 9 page mini-book is a simple and easy to understand story about Martin Luther King, Jr., and can be used to accompany your social studies and art curriculum. You can use these books for independent reading, guided reading, partner… Continue Reading →

George Floyd Mini-Book

Talking to kids about what happened to George Floyd can be difficult. We have written this George Floyd mini-book as an age-appropriate tool for educators and parents to aid them in these discussions, should they choose to have them. George… Continue Reading →

Alphabet Sounds Flashcards

Learn the sounds that each letter in the alphabet makes, which help your students to build a proper foundation for sounding out and decoding words.  Each flashcard shows the letter with an arrow or a dot, and a word to… Continue Reading →

Parts of a Plant and the Plant Life Cycle

In this free eduprintable, your students will learn about the Parts of a Plant and the Plant Life Cycle. This resource includes: Diagram of the life cycle of a plant Cut and paste growth of a plant Understanding the life… Continue Reading →

Learning the Parts of the Body

Let’s learn the parts of the body with this fun and free eduprintable! This resource includes: Reference chart / poster with 12 body parts labelled: head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chin, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes Label the parts… Continue Reading →

Keyboard Practice

A fun way for your students to learn the keyboard! This free eduprintable includes 3 worksheets. In 2 of the worksheets, your students will color in a keyboard according to the chart. On the third, we have included the keyboard… Continue Reading →

Introduction to E-mail

We prepared this free Introduction to E-mail for your students that are starting to send-email messages. In this resource, we have included the following activities: Basics about E-mail How to Check and Reply to E-mail How to Send E-mail True… Continue Reading →

Pre-Kindergarten and Nursery Eduprintables

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Pre-K Reading and Writing EduprintablesA. Identifying and Writing Uppercase and Lowercase LettersB. Pre-Kindergarten PhonicsC. Reading and Writing Pre-Kindergarten Sight WordsD. Recommended Reading for Pre-Kindergarten Pre-K Math EduprintablesA. Numbers and Counting up to 3B. Numbers and Counting up to 5C. Numbers… Continue Reading →

Kindergarten and Reception Eduprintables

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Kindergarten Reading and Writing Eduprintables (Free; $)A. Identifying and Writing Uppercase and Lowercase LettersB. Matching Uppercase and Lowercase LettersC. Reading and Writing Kindergarten Sight WordsD. Reading and Writing CVC WordsE. General VocabularyF. Recommended Reading for Kindergarten Kindergarten Math Eduprintables (Free;… Continue Reading →

First Grade Eduprintables

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First Grade Reading and Writing Eduprintables, Table of Contents A. CVC WordsB. BlendsC. DigraphsD. Sight WordsE. Writing First Grade Math Eduprintables, Table of Contents A. Numbers and Counting up to 200B. Addition and Subtraction First Grade Science and Technology A. Introduction… Continue Reading →

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