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Alphabet Sounds Flashcards

Learn the sounds that each letter in the alphabet makes, which help your students to build a proper foundation for sounding out and decoding words.  Each flashcard shows the letter with an arrow or a dot, and a word to… Continue Reading →

Learning the Parts of the Body

Let’s learn the parts of the body with this fun and free eduprintable! This resource includes: Reference chart / poster with 12 body parts labelled: head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chin, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes Label the parts… Continue Reading →


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Pre-Kindergarten and Nursery Eduprintables

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Customized Name Tracing Printable

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What’s the very first thing kids work on in school? How to write their name! **For a limited time only, $1.99 purchase price includes 2 names** With this eduprintable, your kids can get a head start on this skill. What… Continue Reading →

Cut and Paste Opposites

Learn opposite words in this free resource. Cut and paste the matching opposites. This eduprintable covers the following opposite pairs: up / down tall / short day / night fast / slow on / off hot / cold big /… Continue Reading →

Before, Between and After, Numbers 1 to 20

Practice putting numbers 1 to 20 in order with this fun, free eduprintable. 3 different activities are included: Filling in before, between and after with 1 number Filling in before, between and after with 2 numbers Word problems You can… Continue Reading →

Spot the Difference, Spot the Same and Odd One Out

Get your students ready for Grade R / kindergarten with this free eduprintable. This resource has 12 worksheets, covering 3 skills: Identify the shape that is different. Identify the shapes that are the same. Identify which item does not belong… Continue Reading →

Essential Skills Pack for Nursery, Pre-K, Kindergarten and Grade R

We have put together a set of 6 free resources covering the basics that your nursery, pre-kindergarten, Grade R and kindergarten students should master. You can click on any of the links below to download just that resource on its… Continue Reading →

Trace and Write Lowercase Letters

Learn the proper way to write lowercase letters with this free eduprintable.  This resource includes: Arrows showing how to write each letter 3 ways of writing each letter: Trace the letter Trace inside the letter Practice writing each letter freehand… Continue Reading →

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