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Macmillan Content Use Guidelines for Teachers, Librarians, and Parents – UPDATE 4.27

Update from Macmillan: During this emergency and when their schools are closed, we have no objection to (1) teachers and librarians live streaming or posting videos reading our children’s books to their students, provided it is done on a noncommercial… Continue Reading →

Trace and Write Numbers

Learn the proper way to write numbers with this free eduprintable.  This resource includes: Arrows showing how to write each number 3 ways of writing each number: Trace the number Trace inside the number Practice writing each number freehand Lots… Continue Reading →

Trace and Write Uppercase Letters

Learn the proper way to write uppercase letters with this free eduprintable.  This resource includes: Arrows showing how to write each letter 3 ways of writing each letter: Trace the letter Trace inside the letter Practice writing each letter freehand… Continue Reading →

Alphabet Flashcards

Learn your uppercase and lowercase letters with this free set of alphabet flashcards, which is actually 3 sets of flashcards in one: 1 set of with uppercase and lowercase letters on each card 1 set of uppercase letters only on… Continue Reading →

Name Tracing Printable

What’s the very first thing kids work on in school? How to write their name!  With this free eduprintable, your kids can get a head start on this skill. Sample pages: Download the tracing printable for a specific name below…. Continue Reading →

Coronavirus – A (Free) Book for Children

A free wonderful book to share with your children and students regarding COVID-19 put out by Nosy Crow, an award-winning, small, independent children’s book publisher. “Nosy Crow made this book quickly, to meet the needs of children and their families…. Continue Reading →

Counting, Graphing, Adding and Subtracting with Numbers 1 to 5

Practice four different skills with numbers 1 to 5 in this free eduprintable, filled with adorable cartoon animals: Counting: Students are asked to count the animals on the first page and record this information. Graphing: Students record the count as… Continue Reading →

What Sound Does the Letter Make?

It’s so important for children to know the proper sounds that each letter in the alphabet makes. Kids can then use those letter sounds to sound out and decode words, leading to better reading and spelling later on down the… Continue Reading →

Read-Aloud Alphabet Book

Learn your uppercase and lowercase letters with this free read-aloud Alphabet Book.  This book includes: Easy images that help the kids figure out and remember each letter. A simple, easy to learn and remember sentence for each letter in this… Continue Reading →

Number Maze: Connect Numbers 1 Through 10

A fun way to practice counting to 10! Start from 1 and connect numbers in order through 10. Here’s what a completed worksheet looks like: You can download a free version of this eduprintable, which includes 5 worksheets: Number Maze,… Continue Reading →

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