This activity is a fun coloring game to help your students learn and practice their uppercase letters. They will need red, orange, yellow, green and blue crayons or markers to complete this activity. Each letter appears in its own box. Color in each box using the color matching the letter according to the color chart.

This eduprintable includes worksheets covering small groups of lowercase letters and builds up to practicing the entire alphabet in lowercase:

1 worksheet covering a, b, c, d, e
1 worksheet covering f, g, h, i, j
1 worksheet covering k, l, m, n, o
1 worksheet covering p, q, r, s, t
1 worksheet covering u, v, w, x, y, z
2 worksheets covering the entire alphabet

Here’s what a completed worksheet looks like:

Color Your Lowercase Letters – Completed Worksheet

You can download a free version of this eduprintable, which includes 7 worksheets:

Color Your Lowercase Letters

You can also visit our TPT store and purchase Color Your Lowercase Letters  with 45 worksheets.

Resources by Grade:

– Pre-Kindergarten and Nursery
– Kindergarten and Reception
– First Grade