This is an easy, fun way for the kids to get some energy out while practicing counting to 10, listening carefully and paying attention. Kids take turns reading cards aloud and performing the actions written on each card.

To prepare:

Print out the card decks and cut along the dotted lines. Print on card stock and laminate each deck for durability and long-term use, if you like!

How to play:

Ask the players to sit in a circle and pass out all of the cards. The player with the starting and ending player! card will play first and last. Players do not need to have the same number of cards. If you have more players than cards, players can also share cards.

The starting player begins the game by standing and reading the top half of their card aloud. Each card follows the same pattern and includes a picture showing the action. Your students will quickly learn what they should say and the rhythm of the game, even if they can’t read yet! 

Example play:

Starting player stands up and reads the top half of their card: I have “Jump 1 time”. Then the player jumps 1 time and reads the bottom half of their card: Who has “Jump 2 times”?

Player whose card says I have “Jump 2 times” on the top half stands up and reads their card: I have “Jump 2 times”. Then that player jumps 2 times and reads the bottom half of their card: Who has “Jump 3 times”?

And so on. The game continues until all of the cards are read and will end when the starting player’s last card is called. The starting player should read only the I have portion (the top half) of their card. Students must concentrate and listen carefully to keep the game moving.

The deck has a few blank cards for your students to make up their own actions to add to the deck.


Nominate a student or teacher to be the official timekeeper. The timekeeper should use a stopwatch to time how long it takes the group to finish a deck from start to finish and then record the time on the timekeeping sheet included in this resource. Challenge the class to beat their fastest time!

Here’s what a few sample worksheets look like:

I have, Who has, Actions, Example Page 1
I have, Who has, Actions, Example Page 2
I have, Who Has? Actions and Counting to 10

I have, Who Has? Actions and Counting to 10

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