This is an easy, fun way to practice the alphabet, as well as listening carefully and paying attention.

To prepare:

Print out the card deck on cardstock and cut along the dotted lines. Laminate the deck for durability and long-term use.

How to play:

Ask the players to sit in a circle and pass out all of the cards, except the I am the starting and ending player card!. If you have less than 26 players, some players will have more than one card. If you have more than 26 players, two players can work together with one card.

Choose a player to go first and give them the I am the starting and ending player! Card. That player will go first and last.

The starting player begins the game by standing and reading their card aloud. Don’t worry if your students cannot read words yet, as each card follows the same pattern and they will all quickly learn what they should say.

Example play:

Starting player stands up and reads their card: I have A. Who has B?
Player whose card says I have B stands up and reads their card: I have B. Who has C?

And so on. The game continues until all of the cards are read and will end when the starting player’s letter is called. The starting player should read only the I have portion of their card. Students must concentrate and listen carefully to keep the game moving.

This eduprintable has a deck with uppercase letters, in alphabetical order in color and black and white versions to save ink. You may purchase additional decks for uppercase letters, out of order, lowercase letters, in alphabetical order and lowercase letters, out of order at the eduprintables TPT store.

Start playing with the decks where the letters are in order for an easier game and then challenge your students with the decks that are out of order.


Nominate a student or teacher to be the official timekeeper. The timekeeper should use a stopwatch to time how long it takes the group to finish a deck from start to finish and then record the time on the timekeeping sheet included in this resource. Challenge the class to beat their fastest time!

You can download the free version of this eduprintable here, which has the uppercase letters in order:

I Have, Who Has? Uppercase Alphabet Letters

I Have, Who Has? Uppercase Alphabet Letters

You can also visit our TPT store and purchase I Have, Who Has? Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Letters which includes the uppercase letters in alphabetical order deck included in the free version plus 3 additional decks:

Uppercase letters out of order
Lowercase letters in alphabetical order
Lowercase letters out of order

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