This activity is a fun little coloring game to play with your preschooler or kindergartener that combines learning a few colors and identifying numbers 1 through 100.

Each printable has a grid showing numbers 1 to 100 out of order.  Gather up red, orange, yellow, green and blue crayons or markers and color in the number boxes according to the color chart:

Let’s Color to 100! Color Chart

As you color in the number boxes, say each number out loud.

Here’s what a completed worksheet looks like:

Let’s Color to 100! Completed Worksheet

You can download a free version of this eduprintable, which includes 2 worksheets:

thumbnail of Color to 100 free secured

Let’s Color to 100!

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Common Core:
Kindergarten, Counting & Cardinality: Know number names and the count sequence
Count to 100 by ones and by tens.