Kids will love this book companion reader to the book The Pigeon Needs a Bath!, by Mo Willems. This resource includes:

  • Comprehension Questions
  • Making a Prediction
  • Story map – main character, setting, problem, solution
  • Character Map
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Class Survey – Do  you like taking a bath or a shower?
  • Sight Word Hunt
  • When Have You Changed Your Mind? At the start of the book, the pigeon did not want to take a bath. By the end of the book, the pigeon realized he loved taking baths. Have you ever changed your mind about something after you have tried it? Describe it below. Explain how you felt and why you changed your mind.
  • Answer Key

Explore the book The Pigeon Needs a Bath! together with your students using this fun resource. You can also use a student’s answers to assess comprehension of the book. Use this resource to lead a classroom discussion, small-group sessions or as independent work or homework for those students that are ready. This would also make an excellent summer homework assignment.

The Pigeon Needs a Bath! Book Companion Reader

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• More comprehension questions
• Word search
• Write your own sentences using words from the book
• How do you think the pigeon got so dirty?
• Build a word
• Create your own book cover
• Word wall
• Answer key