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Unifix Cube Activities

Do we all have a huge tub of unifix cubes in our classroom that we don’t do much with? We created this eduprintable to your cubes to good use!  This resource includes races to 10, 20 and 30, cube patterns,… Continue Reading →

Practicing Addition Facts Up to the Sum of 20

In this eduprintable, your students will practice addition facts up to the sum of 20, in the following question formats: True and false Fill in the blank >, < or = Adding up to 10 This eduprintable has 5 sets… Continue Reading →

Practicing Addition Facts Up to the Sum of 10 and the Commutative Property

Students will practice their addition facts up to 10 while also learning the commutative property of addition by matching equations, filling in missing addends and representing equations using ten frames. Here’s what the worksheets included in this eduprintable look like:… Continue Reading →

Spin! Addition and Subtraction Facts Using Numbers up to 20

Your students will practice their addition and subtraction facts using numbers up to 20 in this fun and interactive eduprintable activity. Instructions:  Place one end of a paperclip on the center of the spinner. Put your pencil point in the… Continue Reading →

Fact Families, Up to the Sum of 10

We have listed all of the fact families up to a sum of 10 as a handy reference for your classroom and to prepare your own activities and materials. We’ve also included a fact family pdf to use as a… Continue Reading →

Cut and Paste Fact Families, up to the Sum of 10

Practice fact families with this fun cut and paste activity! Your students will cut out the numbers in the Number Bank and paste them in the equations to complete each fact family. All fact families through the sum of 10… Continue Reading →

Cut and Paste Addition Facts up to 10

Your students will cut out the number boxes in the Number Bank and paste them in the empty boxes to complete each equation. Then, they will use dots to represent each number in the ten frame below it. Equations cover… Continue Reading →

Addition and Subtraction Facts, up to 20, Online Quiz

Addition Facts, Sums up to 20, 0 + 0 through 10 + 10 – Online Quiz

Let’s Color Our Doubles Facts, Doubles Facts + 1 and Doubles Facts + 2!

This activity is a fun coloring game to help your students learn and practice their doubles facts, doubles facts + 1 and doubles facts + 2. They will need red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple crayons or markers to complete this activity. Each printable… Continue Reading →

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