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CVC Word Families – 5 Fun Activities

Kids will learn their CVC word families with these 5 fun activities: • Recognize and underline CVC words• Read CVC words aloud 3x• Find and circle CVC words• Cross out and count CVC words• Trace CVC words 27 CVC word… Continue Reading →

Phonics Practice: Find the Short Vowel CVC Word

Time for more phonics practice! Your students will have fun learning their short vowel sounds and CVC words in this free eduprintable. First, read each CVC word in the Word Bank. Then, find and circle each of the words in… Continue Reading →

Phonics Practice: Fill in the Missing Vowel

Practice your CVC (three letter words like cat and dog that are consonant-vowel-consonant words) and short vowel sounds with this free resource. Look at the picture, figure out what the missing vowel is and fill it in to complete each… Continue Reading →

Color, Write and Read CVC Book, -ab, -ad, and -ap Word Families

Practice phonics, reading, writing, cutting and coloring all in one activity! This free eduprintable covers the -ab, -ad and -ap CVC word families. The kids will love putting together these little books and then keeping them as their CVC word… Continue Reading →

Circle and Write CVC Words

For each picture, circle the correct letters to end the CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) word. Then write the letters on the blanks. This free resource covers 114 CVC words in 29 CVC word families: a: -ab-ad-ag-am-an-ap-at e: -ed-eg-en-et i: -id-ig-im-in-ip-it-ix o: -ob-og-op-ot-ox… Continue Reading →

CVC Word Family Houses

Your students will use this resource to practice sorting CVC words into word family houses. Each worksheet focuses on a different CVC family. Write the CVC word that matches the picture above the picture in the space provided. Cut out… Continue Reading →

3 Letter Puzzles for CVC Words

Puzzle your way to reading! Fit the pieces together to complete each picture and spell CVC words.  This eduprintable includes 40 CVC words. Just print and cut! For a more durable set, print on card stock and laminate. Check out… Continue Reading →

CVC Read Aloud and Word Sort – Online Quiz

Let’s Play the CVC Circle Game for Beginning Sounds

Play the CVC Circle Game for Beginning Sounds, as a fun way to practice, sound out and write CVC words. How to play: 1. Each player takes a turn drawing a card from the CVC card deck. 2. Using the… Continue Reading →

Let’s Play! CVC Roll, Read, Trace and Write Game

Let’s play CVC Roll, Read, Trace and Write! Instructions: – The player rolls the dice, says the next word under the number rolled and traces the word. – The player then writes each new word traced by that player in… Continue Reading →

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