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Before, Between and After, Numbers 1 to 20

Practice putting numbers 1 to 20 in order with this fun, free eduprintable. 3 different activities are included: Filling in before, between and after with 1 number Filling in before, between and after with 2 numbers Word problems You can… Continue Reading →

Telling Time Flashcards

Practice, practice, practice how to read an analog clock face with this set of flashcards. The cards cover: – All times ending in :00, :15, :30 and :45. – Includes flashcards with clock faces only and clock faces labelled with… Continue Reading →

What Time Is It?

Practice telling time with this free eduprintable with 13 worksheets. 5 different activities are included: Match the clock face to the correct time. Write the time shown by each clock face. Draw hands on each clock face showing the time…. Continue Reading →

Counting, Graphing, Adding and Subtracting with Numbers 1 to 5

Practice four different skills with numbers 1 to 5 in this free eduprintable, filled with adorable cartoon animals: Counting: Students are asked to count the animals on the first page and record this information. Graphing: Students record the count as… Continue Reading →

Number Maze: Connect Numbers 1 Through 10

A fun way to practice counting to 10! Start from 1 and connect numbers in order through 10. Here’s what a completed worksheet looks like: You can download a free version of this eduprintable, which includes 5 worksheets: Number Maze,… Continue Reading →

Sort by Size and Seriate

Your pre-k students will enjoy sorting cute pictures by size in this eduprintable. This resource includes four activities: Cut and Paste from Biggest to Smallest Cut and Paste from Smallest to Biggest Number the Pictures from 1 to 5, Smallest… Continue Reading →

I have, Who Has? Actions and Counting to 10

This is an easy, fun way for the kids to get some energy out while practicing counting to 10, listening carefully and paying attention. Kids take turns reading cards aloud and performing the actions written on each card. To prepare:… Continue Reading →

Learning the Months of the Year

Learn the months of the year with this eduprintable jam-packed with 7 different activities: Cut and Paste the Months of the Year Fill in the Missing Months of the Year Last Month, This Month and Next Month Adding and Subtracting… Continue Reading →

Learning the Days of the Week

Knowing the days of the week is one of the earliest, basic skills that kids work on in school. Check out this free eduprintable which includes the activities listed below (we even incorporate some adding and subtracting). Kids will learn… Continue Reading →

Unifix Cube Activities

Do we all have a huge tub of unifix cubes in our classroom that we don’t do much with? We created this eduprintable to your cubes to good use!  This resource includes races to 10, 20 and 30, cube patterns,… Continue Reading →

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