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multiplication facts

Spin! Multiplication Facts up to 10 x 10

In this eduprintable, your students will practice their multiplication facts from 1 x 1 to 10 x 10. Instructions:  Place one end of a paperclip on the center of the spinner. Put your pencil point in the paperclip and give… Continue Reading →

Coloring Arrays, Multiplication Facts up to 5×5

In this eduprintable, your students will practice multiplication facts 0x0 through 5×5. Students will practice arrays in 2 ways: Write a multiplication problem that matches the array and then solve the problem. Complete an array to match a given multiplication… Continue Reading →

Multiplication Pairs, Doubles and Halves

Practice multiplication in this eduprintable by understanding the relationship between multiplication pairs and doubling and halving factors. Your students will practice: Solving an initial problem and using that solution to solve a second problem Simplifying a problem by doubling one… Continue Reading →

Multiplication Facts Quiz, Missing Factors, 1 x 1 through 12 x 12

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