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Ways to Push Your Thinking

Think, think, think! Check out our list of prompts to help spur critical thinking, grouped into forming an idea, fleshing it out and drawing conclusions. These prompts also work well as story-writing prompts, particularly for non-fiction or scientific writing. You… Continue Reading →

Learning Homophones – Cite, Right, Scene, Their, To, Which, Your

This packet focuses on the most commonly-misspelled homophones and others that, in our experience, are taught alongside that category.  We hope you like it and YOUR kids do, TOO. Homophones are everywhere! Homophones covered: cite / sight / site right… Continue Reading →

Don’t Ever Call Me Nice Again! Character Trait Synonyms Lists for Upper Elementary Writing

When kids describe characters, the word we see over and over again is “nice”. Or happy, or mad or sad! Help the kids to expand their vocabulary and make their writing more interesting and varied with these synonym lists. We’ve… Continue Reading →

Let’s Play the CVC Circle Game for Beginning Sounds

Play the CVC Circle Game for Beginning Sounds, as a fun way to practice, sound out and write CVC words. How to play: 1. Each player takes a turn drawing a card from the CVC card deck. 2. Using the… Continue Reading →

Second Grade Expert Writing Project

Engage your second graders in non-fiction writing by releasing their inner expert! Kids can write about any topic that they know a lot about and teach their writers about that topic. Writing tips to sound like an expert: Here are… Continue Reading →

Comparing Kindgarten and First Grade Writing

Have you ever wondered: What is the difference between kindergarten and first grade writing? Are there benchmarks that define kindergarten writing versus first grade writing? What should you expect to see in kindergarten writing? What should you expect to see… Continue Reading →

The Writing Process

Writing process? What process? I can’t just sit down and start writing? We have laid out the 7 steps that make up the basic writing process. It seems so simple, but going through each of these basic steps will really… Continue Reading →

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