Writing process? What process? I can’t just sit down and start writing? We have laid out the 7 steps that make up the basic writing process. It seems so simple, but going through each of these basic steps will really make a difference and result in better writing overall.

1. Think

Think about an idea you would like to write about.

2. Rehearse

Say your idea to a partner or yourself. You can try acting out your idea or stating the story across your fingers.

3. Plan

Sketch what you are going to write about on each page in the illustration boxes.


Write one sentence on each page to show the big idea for that part of the beginning, middle or end of the story.

4. Write!

Write about your ideas until your story is complete.

5. Re-read and Revise

Go back to the beginning of your story and re-read to check:

  • Does my writing make sense?
  • Does my writing have a clear beginning, middle and end?
  • Do I need to add or change anything?

6. Edit

Make sure you used appropriate spelling, capitalization and punctuation throughout your story.

7. Publish

Make a cover, write a dedication and get ready to share your writing!

We have created a printable that describes each of these steps on a half page. Print on card stock, laminate, and you can post them on a bulletin board or include them in a writing center.

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The Writing Process